How we help you make the right decision


For every new professional service profile on Bidbeat we review the information provided by the service professional, often including the following:

  • Contact information including email address and phone number.
  • Social media accounts that the Professional chooses to add to their Bidbeat profile.
  • For limited companies we check business addresses and conduct basic business information checks for solvency and other key details.
  • For sole traders we confirm personal details and other information.

While we can check company information, we cannot always confirm that someone is the authorised representative of a company. Always confirm the relationship of the person you are dealing with to the company that they claim to represent.


Professionals can demonstrate the quality of their past work through creating a Portfolio Bidbeat with images, and soon video and audio.

Adding Licences and Qualifications to their profile gives professionals the chance to demonstrate their expertise.

Professionals can indicate their years in business.

We encourage professionals to solicit references from past clients to display on their Bidbeat profile.

Customer Support

Our Team is available to help you when you need them.