How BidBeat works to get things done

The easiest way to get quotes from local professionals

We find the right person for the job

Bidbeat has an extensive list of service professionals ready to help with your To-Do list.

We cover it all from home, learning, wellness, events and much more.

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No need to repeat yourself.

Complete the service-specific questions to detail what you need. Say it once.

We send your request to a few qualified service professionals in your area.

Choose the Best

Within hours, you will receive up to 5 introductions with a custom quote.

View each company's portfolio, qualifications, references, reviews and more.

Call the Service Professional directly, or wait for them to contact you

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+1 to your Done List

Contract and pay the service profesional directly.

With your tasks done, you can go to the gym and work on that beach body.

Bidbeat can help you find a personal trainer too.

Sounds Great but what does it cost?

Service Pro's pay us

to get introduced to You

You contract & pay the Service Pro

No Middle Man!

You pay us Nothing.

Absolutely Free!

Trusted Professionals

We review every service provider's profile before it can go live.

Profiles can include credentials, licenses, references and more for you to review.

Hire safe. Always do your homework and ask to see any license, background check or other document necessary to carry out the work.

Learn more about how we treat Trust and safety.

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