Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives through fulfilling tasks that improve relationships, make us more intelligent, and ultimately increase our ability to spend more time on more important activities. By connecting people with things to be done with those who are skilled at doing them, we can become one of South Africa's leading companies, the first choice for customers to get things done and for service providers to grow their business.

Our Story

Getting things done is great. More so, getting the job done and actually enjoying the outcome is the real reward to getting the largest project done with the least amount of hassle. The problem is finding someone skilled to help you solve your problem is still a hassle. Wasn't Technology supposed to help us with this? 

While looking to achieve that beach body, find a university tutor, fix the plumbing in our houses or even get the lawn mowed, we were spending more time sourcing the right professional rather than spending time doing the things we love. We would rather take our wives out then hunt for an electrician that can come in next week. We would rather go to the gym than search for an accountant to do our taxes. This is why we started Bidbeat. We wanted a better way to find local service professionals who could do what we needed, were available when we needed them, and were interested to help. With a background in sales, marketing and accounting, as a team we felt strongly positioned to tackle this challenge and build a business that could be everyone’s first and best choice for getting from to-do to done as effeciently as possible. 

We first conceived of this idea in a shared workspace in Pretoria, South Africa, are building the platform and creating the reality of Bidbeat and going to market in South Africa - and through it all we are powered by people.

Our Values


    Be the CEO of something

    We believe in taking ownership and responsibility. Being the CEO of something means that everyone in our team owns an area of our business and has the power to make decisions, but also everything within our business has an owner who is accountable and responsible for its success. Everyone at Bidbeat had a part to play in it's success


    We succeed together

    For Bidbeat to be successful, people with tasks to get done need a good price and standard of quality that makes for a great story. Local service professionals need an effective marketing platform for customer acqusition that helps them grow their business at a rate which is comfortable to them.


    Act humble Be extraordinary

    We strive to provide great experiences for both customers and service professionals alike, but also to create comfortable working place for all our staff. We can be extraordinary without the Bidbeat experience being about us - we are the platform for getting tasks done, not the centre of attention.



    From pricing policy to our terms of service, to how we communicate with customers and service professionals, to the flow of our website, we optimize for high-effeciency low-hassle experiences.


    Appreciate the journey

    We're taking on a huge problem but we wouldn't be devoting ourselves to developing the best solution for this problem if it wasn't meaningful to us. The pathway to developing great experiences and a great business is rewarding and we need to appreciate both the small victories and the big achievements along the way.

The Bidbeat Pledge

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When we started Bidbeat, our first motivation was to create the kinds of experiences that we expected – every time. If you feel that you had anything less than a great experience, let us know, and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right. In return, we ask that service providers do their best to create great outcomes and deliver remarkable service. We ask that customers deal honestly and fairly with service providers, creating the conditions for the service provider to delight you. We succeed together.


Asghar Essa

Founder, CTO

Riyaad Osman Gani

Founder, CFO

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